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Shifting toward digital transformation in fresh

Better technology is critical as customers seek expanded offerings in the perimeter. To create customer-winning experiences, retailers are reshaping their approach with fresh-first digital solutions in every store.

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How grocers adapt to changing conditions

Change is the only constant in fresh and no business is immune to fluctuating macroeconomic conditions. Grocers are building resilience with best-in-class solutions that deliver better outcomes and build resilience.

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How empowered teams create more value

Fresh teams rely on ever-changing information to guide inventory decisions – and getting orders right takes expertise that's hard to find. As labor markets shift, retailers are partnering with solution providers that support each employee's success, regardless of their experience in fresh.

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How retailers support sustainability efforts across the fresh supply chain

Nearly 70% of grocery retail food waste comes from fresh departments, which negatively impacts profits and the planet. Grocers are reducing their footprint with tools that empower teams to place truck-to-shelf orders that create less waste.

The Afresh transformation, by the numbers:


Sales increase


Adherence rate


Shrink reduction

+2 days

Post-sale shelf life


Stock reduction


Labor efficiency

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