The Revolutionary Power of "Fresh-first" Technology


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While a tumultuous 2020 shook up the food retail space, fresh food remained the strategic heart of the brick & mortar grocery industry. Being the best in Fresh is now more important than ever.

Historically, retailers have had to choose between tradeoffs: shrink vs. availability, labor costs vs. store conditions, consistent store operations vs. merchandising flexibility. Now, a revolutionary new generation of fresh-first technology enables grocers to have the best of both worlds and transcend these perennial tradeoffs.

Fresh’s complexities have made the perimeter difficult to run, but we now have the technology to transform profitability while delighting customers.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How a new generation of “Fresh-first” technology differs from center-store solutions

  • What trends and challenges to expect in Fresh in 2021

  • What transformational outcomes are now possible in Fresh



Matt Schwartz



James McCann

Chairman and CEO,
Food Retail Ventures


Mike Troy

Editorial Director,
Progressive Grocer and Retail Leader

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